Kathy Buckworth - I am so the Boss Of You

Where’s Kathy Now –

January 6th

Kathy will be on the Ward & Al Show on SiriusXM Canada at 3:00ET talking Tips for Starting 2015 right. Also, annoying parenting trends. Channel 167

January 9th

Kathy’s regular travel segment, How She Travels, on What She Said (SiriusXM) will focus on C-c-cold C-C-Canada Ski facts 10:45amET. Channel 167

January 19th

Kathy will be taping a segment on CBC’s Steven & Chris in the Toronto Broadcast Centre

January 20th – 22nd

Kathy will be in Canmore, Alberta, on a Women’s Workout Retreat

January 23rd

Kathy will be covering the Women’s Workout Retreat on How She Travels on What She Said (SiriusXM) 10:45amET, Channel 167

January 26th

Kathy will be on CBC’s Steven & Chris talking about her book I Am So The Boss Of You, and sharing home organization tips to keep the kids in line!

February 1st – 6th

Kathy will be on a trip with SkiBC, visiting Silverstar, Sun Peaks and Big White. Look for her story in GoodLife Magazine.

February 6th

Kathy will be reporting from BC on her SkiBC trip, and reviewing the ski hills, on How She Travels, on What She Said (SiriusXM) 10:45am Channel 167

February 10th

Kathy will be hitting the stage at the Canadian Marketing Association’s Loyalty Conference, joined by Mabel’s Labels Julie Cole. How Spokespeople Can Build Brand Loyalty (Toronto)