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European and French flags wave in the wind at the Elysee presidential palace in Paris on June 4, 2012. AFP PHOTO / BERTRAND LANGLOIS Family / Huffington Post

I think North American women are ready to put up an “arret” sign against the recent barrage of books by French femmes who are writing about how they drink champagne, eat foie gras and don’t get fat; bring up beautifully behaved children simply by setting out a few non-negotiable ground rules, get those same children to eat anything (only at prescribed times), and how they...

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Driving in Paris…Even Scarier Than Driving in Montreal! Family / Huffington Post

“The first thing that strikes a visitor to Paris is a taxi.” – Fred Allen I almost proved that point here today in Paris, having a close run in with a rapidly changing traffic light and its anxiously awaiting autos, ready to leap off the starting line as I dashed across the road. “We crossed that like Montrealers,” said a colleague, but even the Montreal...

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Amsterdam: Land of a Thousand Bicycles Family / Huffington Post

Amsterdam is a city of almost 800,000 inhabitants, and 600,000 bicycles. Bicycles are stacked along the sides of canals, outside restaurants, historic buildings, at the docks for the canal “taxis” and tethered to the sides of the 2,500 houseboats. But as a North American traveling to Amsterdam, I was simultaneously impressed by their pedal power while surprised to discover that not one single cyclist owned...

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Medoc Marathon: Wine, French Bread and… Fishnet Stockings? Family / Huffington Post

The 27th annual Medoc Marathon was run last weekend, through the beautiful countryside of France. For those who haven’t heard of it, this is in fact a real marathon, with real runners. I was invited to participate, as press, not as a runner (I only run if someone is chasing me), an assignment I took on faster than a Beverley Hills Housewife takes on a...

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The Hunger Games Take Over North Carolina Family / Huffington Post

Before The Hunger Games finished shooting, it was being referred to as “Project Artemis” and was already notable for being North Carolina’s largest on-location movie shoot of all time. When the North Carolina Tourism Board offered me access to the sets of The Hunger Games, which was entirely filmed in the western part of the Tar Heel State, I jumped at the chance. There was...

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Hungry for the Hunger Games? Citytv.com/Cityline / Family

“Project Artemis” wrapped in the late summer of 2011, becoming one of North Carolina’s largest on-location movie shoots of all time. Or, as it’s now known as, The Hunger Games, the first movie based on the wildly popular book trilogy by Suzanne Collins, which arrives in theatres on March 23, 2012. I was one of four journalists (and the only Canadian) invited by the North...

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