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Welcome to ‘Be the Boss’ Be The Boss / Family

Welcome to my new column, Be The Boss.  After writing Funny Mummy for over ten years, my focus, and much of yours, I’m sure, has shifted and I’m going to offering advice, humour, and (of course) commentary on how we , as busy moms, can take control of our family, business, and personal lives by acting as smart CEO’s of each of these areas.  I...

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Can’t always get what you want Family / The Good Life

Lately I’ve noticed a phenomenon that, while it is not entirely propagated by my children, is certainly perfected by them. I could put it down to basic word definition confusion, but I think it goes somewhat deeper than that. You see, they seem to be entirely unclear about the difference between the word “can” and “want” and their associated derivatives. Allow me to explain, via...

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Are You the Parent? Then You’re the Boss Family / Huffington Post

How democratic parenting is letting us down: a top-ten list. 1) It’s wasting our time. An unusually long amount of time can be spent attempting to explain to subordinates (children) why certain things just “are” (such as bedtimes, dental appointments, nutritious food, etc.) when a simple “Because I said so” takes less than four seconds. Try it. 2) It’s forcing us to redirect our energies....

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Stop Making Your Kids’ School Lunches – Now! Family / Huffington Post

Being a parent is hard work. And if I were to believe what I see on Twitter, Facebook and in blogs, articles and television segments, the making of school lunches is near the top of the list. (As an aside, is it just me, or am I right in thinking that if making a school lunch is even in the top 100 complaints about your...

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If You Think Having Three Kids Is Hard, Try Four, Five and Six Family / Huffington Post

One of my favourite lines from the The Simpsons is when Bart complains he is having the worst day of his life. “So far,” responds his unsympathetic yet correctly predictive father, Homer. I liken that to a study by Today.com that suggests three is the most stressful number of children to have. A mom of three explains that the stress level increases when it comes...

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Lean In? How about Fall Down? Family / Huffington Post

Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, is encouraging women to “Lean In” to their careers, with her book of the same name. Essentially she is tackling the age-old dilemma of how women should compete in a “man’s world.” She argues that unless women approach a relentless pursuit of success at the office, we will never be able to achieve equality at home, both in...

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