Baby Butt-lers Family / Huffington Post

There’s a new industry that has emerged as an offshoot of one of the oldest professions in the world. It’s dirty, often takes place late at night, behind closed doors, and creates controversy in terms of what’s really right and what’s really wrong. That’s right: parenthood. But fear no longer, because today it is recognized that just because you actually are a parent doesn’t mean...

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Teenagers vs. Toddlers: Which Are Worse? Family / Huffington Post

I recently engaged in a debate online with other parents about whether they thought the teen years or the toddler years were harder to survive. Depending on the age of your children, opinions vary, although I think that parents of toddlers who nod and say, “I hear teens are worse” don’t really believe anything could be difficult than the perilous parenting of a tippy and...

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Twitter 101 for Moms Family / Huffington Post

Let’s face it, if you’re a mom with a newborn you may as well give in and embrace the world of Twitter, and chat online at 2 a.m. instead of watching those infomercials. If you haven’t entered the world of Twitter yet, make 2012 the year to get online and in the know. Worried about what to expect? I’ve prepared a handy roundup of all...

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New Mom? What You Don’t Want To Expect in 2012 Family / Huffington Post

What You Really Don’t Expect Expecting your first child in 2012? You’ll find that there are many books in the parenting section that contain the phrase “Things They Didn’t Tell You” in the title. They’re referring to things about childbirth, babies, becoming a mother, co-parenting with your partner, what happens to your body during pregnancy and the collateral damage therein. Honestly, at this point, I...

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A Smart Auto-Motive Family / Huffington Post

I attended the 2012 North American International Auto Show in Detroit recently, and was pretty impressed with the range of eco-friendly cars that were being unveiled — from the tiny Smart Cars to the hybrids, the electrics, and everything in between. It is, of course, imperative that we do all we can to protect our environment, and all of the car companies seem to get...

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Marry Me, BlackBerry: A Valentine’s Day Request Family / Huffington Post

Love is in the air. Being electronically transmitted, in all likelihood. For reasons I can’t explain, Pee-wee Herman and, in particular, his show, Pee-wee’s Playhouse, have always appealed to me. Fans of the show (back me up here!) know that if Pee-wee had had a BlackBerry, he would have married it — just like he did with the bowl of cereal. I now share this...

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  • Throwback to 2018. This is still one of my favourite family pics. Yes. Yes I told them all to look and laugh at each other in a fake way. It worked, right?
  • From Hamilton to Halifax I couldn’t stop talking this morning. Thanks for having me on @chch_morninglive to talk about books that take you away, and @ctvatlantic for how to get started on writing that book of your own! (With a quick outfit change in between)
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  • Not sure how much involvement @nic.webster wanted in this crafting activity with @bridget_webster  Circa 2002.

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