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Is there anything harder than being a working mom? One of those moms who puts in her 9 to 5 (or longer) at the office, rushes around to pick up kids and chauffeur them to doctor’s appointments, soccer games, piano lessons…you get the drift. Writer and stay-at-home mom Kathy Buckworth might argue that harder yet is transitioning from powerful workplace player to full-time stay-at-homer. She...

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Why doesn’t dad help out? Cleaning, diaper-changing and other chores dads avoid Canadian Living: Online / Family

Now that you’re a full-time stay-at-home mom, weekends tend to look a lot like weekdays, with one notable exception: on weekends, you might have a handy sidekick to help with the children and the house. In theory. In reality, you have a surly, “Is it really my turn/it’s not fair” kind of overgrown au pair who completes domestic and childrearing jobs as a favour to...

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20 funny secrets from a stay-at-home mom Canadian Living: Online / Family

1. The title “stay at home” is a passive-aggressive term. There is nothing flattering, glamorous or remotely attractive about the word “stay.” “Too Much Woman to Be Confined to a Cubicle Farm” works better. 2. Apparently, you are expected to be “at home” for some parts of the day; particularly those parts when children under the age of 12 are in your care. 3. Repairmen...

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