Kathy Buckworth - I am so the Boss Of You


“As Series Producer for the television show Birth Days, I consider Kathy Buckworth one of my best finds. Our series was being revamped and we needed strong yet personable expert on-camera commentary about parenting, moms, dads and relationships within new family structures. Kathy delivered that information in a professional yet entertaining manner. It can be very difficult to be an expert on television. But Kathy filled the role perfectly. She not only has great advice and opinions but she delivers that information in a fun, entertaining and no-nonsense way. She is a television producer’s dream. She is on-time, on-message, eager and just plain qualified. She knows what she’s talking about and can deliver her opinion in a clear concise manner. She has been a big contributor to the success of Birth Days. If I could clone her I would!”
Jacqueline Bynon
Series Producer
Birth Days
“Kathy is a pleasure to work with – professional, witty and dedicated. We could not have found a better fit for our Tide campaign, and would not hesitate to engage her again or recommend her for similar work.”
Charlene Lo,
Group Account Director
Optimum Communications (A division of Cossette)
“Kathy Buckworth was an excellent choice to be the moderator of the Indigo Kids Round Table session held in October 2009. She was professional and her ability to successfully segue into various topics while retaining the audience attention was outstanding and played a key role in the overall success of the event. We have worked with Kathy on various programs, and continue to do so because of her sincerity, professionalism and engaging personality that adds value to each of our programs. We’d be more than happy to work with her again! “
Natalie Little
Senior Account Executive
MS&L Worldwide
“I would be pleased to recommend Kathy for any speaking engagement. She is personable, warm and quickly engages the audience with her sense of humour and honesty. She talks about situations with which we are all familiar and has an innate ability to tell it as it is, without offending anyone or making you feel defensive. It is her ability to laugh at herself that endears you to her. She has a very relaxed style and you can tell that she is grounded in who she is and what she wants out of life.
“Anne Day
Company of Women
“Kathy gave a clear, practical presentation to our Women in a Home Office group. She clearly understands the importance of networking and promoting our most important element of our business.. ourselves. If you simply follow her practical tips, your business has to be more successful.”
Eva Sachs,
Chapter Director,
Women in a Home Office
“Kathy Buckworth was a solid partner in the Educational Program at the 2006 BabyTime Show. Her topics were timely and well presented and attendees rated her excellent on the surveys. We will be thrilled to have Kathy back for the 2007 BabyTime Show!”
Kathryn Rasmussens
Owner, BabyTime
(On winning the 2006 Barbara Novak Award for Excellence in Humour/Personal Essay Writing, from the Professional Writers Association of Canada):
“We’re delighted that Kathy Buckworth’s humour writing is getting more recognition, in particular this award from PWAC for an article published in Today’s Parent. Whether she’s writing about toilet training or grocery shopping, her drop-dead-funny observations spring from the gritty realities of family life that every parent can relate to.”
Caroline Connell
Executive Editor, Today’s Parent Magazine
“We’re proud to have such a talented, top-notch humour writer in our ranks. Well done!”
Nate Hendley
President, Toronto Chapter, Professional Writers Association of Canada
“I had the fortune to work with Kathy Buckworth over the past year and found her to be eager and hard-working. She is able to pack a lot of well-researched, useful information into a breezy, fun-to-read style that always resonated with readers. I can recommend Kathy without hesitation. It would be my pleasure to work with her again.”
Leslie Garrett,
Former Editor Today’s Parent/Toronto Families
“What I love about Kathy Buckworth is she comes up with such an unusual combination of resources and that she listens to rewriting notes well (and without ego) and comes up with extraordinary rewrites based on the notes. Kathy writes with a gentle wit but strong authority and experience. The ideas, resources and advice she gives can be surprisingly original.”
Sylvia McNicoll
Features Editor, Toronto Families
“What a pleasure to have Kathy Buckworth speak at our Annual General Meeting of the Mississauga Parent Child Resource Centres. Kathy provided a humourous and entertaining look at the life of a SuperMom and the reality of the true workload that Moms have to juggle day in and day out. Kathy provided our staff, board members and clients with some great strategies on coping with the work/life balance and provided useful tips on how to the upcoming summer with our kids. Thanks Kathy, you truly made it an entertaining evening.”
Doreen Lett
Board Director
Mississauga Parent Child Resource Centres
“Kathy Buckworth has an amazing way to communicate the reality of the work-load that Moms have to juggle in today’s environment. Kathy also offers up a terrific sense of humour, while suggesting some strategies for coping with work, life balance.”
Susan Robb
Vice President, International
King & Associates Consulting
President, Business & Professional Woman’s Organization,
Mississauga & Region
“It has been a pleasure to work with Kathy Buckworth. She has not only been a true professional, but also it is more than obvious that her writing transcends the craft. It is alive with energy; full of emotion, experience and power.”
Christina Colli
Editorial Director, Inside Mississauga Magazine
“Kathy Buckworth’s writing style is fresh, enthusiastic, and always informative. She is able to generate original story ideas and meet deadlines with ease, produce a long list of sources on demand, and most importantly, is well-researched on her subject matter. She follows direction very well, approaches re-writes with a positive attitude, and is an all-around reliable, pleasant and good humoured person to work with. Kathy’s work exceeds all expectations.”
Ann-Marie Colacino
Editor, The Good Life
“Kathy – Thank you so much for coming on our show today to talk about your book “The Secret Life of Supermom”. Rebecca and Kurt really enjoyed talking to you, and we got a lot of positive feedback. I’m sure we’ll talk to you again. You’re fabulous! Keep up the good work!”
Mary Cobb
Producer, Utah’s AM 820
“Kathy Buckworth was invited to be a guest speaker at the special Christmas General Meeting of the Toronto Symphony Volunteer Committee (TSVC). Having read her book, “The Secret Life of SuperMom”, it was clear to us that Kathy would be an entertaining performer to add fun and laughter to our gathering of hard -working volunteers. Kathy did not disappoint us. Her remarks were appropriate for the assembled guests, not only filled with details about her career, voluntary activities and recent accomplishments, but delivered in a rapid-fire and humourous manner that kept everyone’s attention. Kathy was sensitive to the time constraints involved in finishing a meeting and having a luncheon, and fitted her speech into the available time perfectly. Her accounts drew laughter from front rows to the back of the hall, as she presented her unique perspective on Xmas card, husbands and children. Kathy has been responsible for the public relations of the TSVC’s Fine Wine Festival for the past two years. As testimony to the excellence of her presentation, one of our best volunteer workers has since agreed to head the wine acquisitions team for 2006 because she “wants to be a part of a group with which Kathy is working.” Well done!”
Nora Lever
Toronto Symphony Volunteer Committee
“Kathy Buckworth spoke at the December general meeting of the membership of the Toronto Symphony Volunteer Committee with about 75 people in attendance. She very cleverly and deftly spoke of her past experiences and interest in symphonies, and how and why she joined the volunteer committee in Toronto. It was extremely interesting to all who were there. We heard of her family’s involvement with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and how that impacted on her interest in the Toronto symphony. It was funny, touching, and interesting for all the members to learn how one of our new young volunteers had decided to join the committee. She went on to talk about how her book evolved and experiences she has had with various writing projects. She read a hilarious rendition of a spoof on a Christmas letter, and her equally funny list of new year’s resolutions she had written for her husband. her talk was well prepared, perfectly targeted to the audience, well timed, funny, clever, and very well received. Kathy really made the meeting into a wonderful event and we have received many compliments on it. I’d happily recommend her for any public speaking engagement anywhere.”
Roberta Innes
Toronto Symphony Volunteer Committee